Dial A Ride

July 15, 2016

CCAT provides Dial-a-ride transportation services in Coos Bay-North Bend to people with a disability that prevents them from using the CCAT’s fixed route service for some or all of their transportation needs. The Dial-a-ride service is provided curb to curb. There is an application that is required to be completed, submitted and approved before transportation will be provided. Once the application is received a determination will be made on eligibility for services within 21 days.

For more information about this service or to request an application for service to be mailed, please contact our office at 541-267-7111. An electronic application is available, here.

Service Area
Service area is within ¾ mile of either side of an existing fixed route. Fixed routes cover the Coos Bay/North Bend city limits.

Rides need to be schedule prior to the day of your planned trip. Both the pickup and return ride needs to be scheduled for non-medical rides. If a return ride for a non-medical trip isn’t scheduled, the cost is double the normal fare, $4. CCAT does allow same day rides on a space available basis. The fare for a same day trip is double the regular fare, $4.

A dispatcher will need the following information:
1) Customer Name and address
2) Date of appointment, desired arrival time and address
3) Return time, if known
4) Special mobility needs

Service Hours
Monday – Friday 7:00am – 5:30pm
First ride availability is at 7:00am and the final destination must be reached not later than 5:30pm.

Exact fare must be used, drivers don’t carry change.
If it is difficult to carry exact change, ask your driver about purchasing a CCAT Punch Card.

City of CB/NB                                 $2.00 per one way ride
Same day rides                               $4.00 per one way ride
Unscheduled return rides            $4.00 per one way ride
Unscheduled return medical       $2.00 per one way ride

Scheduling Your Ride
You may call and schedule your ride between the hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Rides scheduled for Monday must be called in by 5:00pm on Sunday. All Sunday calls are taken by voice mail and are time and date stamped.

When To Be Ready
Customer should be ready 15 minutes before the scheduled pick up time.

If the customer is not ready when the vehicle arrives, the driver will wait up to 5 minutes and then leave. The customer will be noted as a “No-show.”

If a scheduled ride needs to be cancelled or changed, please notify the dispatch center as soon as possible. If you fail to cancel your ride 60 minutes before your scheduled pickup, it will be considered a “No-show.”

It is considered excessive if you cancel or no show 10% or more of your schedule trips, with a minimum of six (6) cancellations, within any calendar month. Upon first violation within a calendar year a person will receive a warning letter. The second violation could result in a seven (7) day suspension of service. Additional violations will result in service suspensions that are progressive in nature.

All service suspensions are subject to appeal.

Service Description
Drivers may assist a client to/from the door of the origin/destination. A driver will not assist into the facilities or other areas of a building. If a customer requires a personal care attendant (PCA), the PCA will ride free of charge.

Passengers are allowed to take up to four (4) standard size grocery bags, or other items which take up an equivalent space (2x2x2 – a two foot cube).

Drivers are prohibited from carrying purchased items into a customer’s residence. Drivers can assist you in loading and unloading your items to and from the curb.

Drivers are prohibited from requesting or receiving tips from the customer.

All passengers are required to wear seat belts. Customers can request an exception to the seat belt policy with a DMV seat belt waiver.