How CCATD makes services accessible to everyone, regardless of ability

Accessibility Features

  • Every CCATD bus is equipped with a boarding ramp or power lift in order to best serve our riders and ensure ADA compliance. Ramps and lifts are available to anyone who uses a mobility device or has difficulty climbing steps. Just ask the driver for assistance.
  • The priority seating area is located inside near the front door. These seats are reserved for seniors and people with disabilities.
  • There is a securement area on board with room for two mobility devices.
  • Major stops and transfer points are announced over the speaker system. You can also ask the operator to announce when the bus is approaching your stop.



Dial-A-Ride is an origin-to-destination transportation service for people whose disability prevents them from using the CCATD local fixed route buses.

Mobility Devices

Taking your mobility device on the bus is easier than you think. Each driver is trained to assist you in securing your mobility device. Here are a few simple rules to follow when riding with your mobile device:

  • Wait in view: wait in the middle of the bus stop where the driver can see you clearly. If you need to use the ramp or lift and the driver has not already deployed it, just ask. 
  • Find priority seating and securing areas: once on board, look for the priority seating area near the front of the bus. Two secure seating areas are provided for mobility devices. The driver will secure your mobility device per CCATD policy.
  • Exit the bus: when the bus stops, the driver will remove the securement straps from your mobility device and deploy the ramp or lift for you.

Service Animals

Your service animal is always welcome on the bus. While no permit is required, you may be asked if your animal is a service animal and what service the animal provides. Your animal must:

  • Remain under your control at all times.
  • Behave appropriately at all times.
  • Remain at your feet or on your lap. Animals may not sit on the seat.
  • Not be aggressive toward people or other animals.
  • Be housebroken.

For any questions about bringing your service animal on the bus, please call us at 541-267-7111.