Riders Code of Conduct

Transit vehicles and facilities are shared spaces, and come with shared responsibilities. Your role as a rider applies anytime you use the transit system, and ensures a clean, safe experience for all.

  1. No smoking or vaping or illegal drug use on the vehicles. 
  2. Riders shall maintain appropriate, reasonable personal hygiene. 
  3. No eating or drinking on-board (unless required for health reasons.) 
  4. No riding with open containers of alcohol or with illegal drugs. 
  5. No abusive, threatening, vulgar or obscene language or actions. 
  6. No deliberate fare evasion. 
  7. No physical or verbal abuse of another rider or the driver. 
  8. No petting guide dogs or other service animals without the permission of the owner. 
  9. No music played on personal electronic device (without headphones), or other noisy equipment while on-board. 
  10. No operating or tampering with any vehicle equipment. 
  11. Littering is prohibited. 
  12. Shirts and shoes or other footwear must be worn. 
  13. Baby strollers and any shopping carts should be folded and must not block the aisle. 
  14. Objects must not be thrown from the bus window. 
  15. Head, arms and other body parts must be kept inside the bus. 
  16. Parents must control children. 
  17. Federal regulations prohibit the transportation of flammable or explosive materials on transit vehicles. 
  18. Weapons are prohibited on buses. 
  19. No bags of empty cans or bottles are prohibited on buses.
  20. CCATD is unable to transport large items that will block the aisle.