Riding with Kids

Boarding the Bus

Step back: stand back from the curb when the bus approaches – buses get as close to the curb as possible to make it easy to get on board. Keep children close to your side and away from the street. 

Take your time: wait for the bus to come to a complete stop, the doors to open, and allow any riders to exit before you try to board. The driver will motion to you if someone needs to exit. The drivers will often “kneel” the bus so that the step onto the bus isn’t as high. This kneeling is accompanied by a loud beeping to remind everyone to stay back and protect your feet.

Have your fare ready: to avoid delays, please have your fare ready, but remember: Children under 6 ride at no charge! For details on paying your fare at the farebox and how to buy passes, visit our Fares and Passes page.

​​Get comfy: take your seat right away. Seats in the front are reserved for seniors and people with disabilities. Hang on to the nearest seat or bar because the bus may pull away before you are fully seated.

On the Bus

Be respectful to others: make the ride enjoyable for all by using headphones with your phone, keeping the aisle clear, not eating or drinking (hard-sided cups with lids are ok), refraining from smoking or vaping, and keeping language clean in a low voice. For more info on what’s allowed and what’s not, visit our Security page.

Make room for seniors and people with disabilities: you are required to move for seniors and people with disabilities in the priority seating near the front door. You’re welcome to sit there if it’s not needed by others.

​Stow your strollers, carts, and oversize items: strollers are allowed on the bus. If possible, remove your child from the stroller before entering the bus and stow the stroller behind a seat. If you have a double-stroller or it doesn’t collapse, use the ramp and ride in the priority seating area in the front. Carts and oversize items are also allowed on the bus, but they must not block the aisle. When empty, the cart should be collapsed, and when full, it should be stored behind a seat.

​Stay in your seats: children should always be seated in their own seat or on an adult’s lap. Hold children securely, as the bus can make sudden stops.

Exiting the Bus

Grab your stuff: make sure you have all your belongings as the bus gets close to your destination. Check under seats for dropped toys.

Hold on: it can be hard to keep your balance when the bus stops suddenly. Always wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before you stand up.

Avoid traffic jams: unless you have a stroller, exit through the rear doors whenever you can so that new riders can easily board through the front doors.

Wait to cross: wait for your bus to pull away before crossing the street and NEVER cross in front of the bus.

​If you have any other questions about how to ride the bus with children, please call CCATD Customer Service at 541-267-7111 and we’ll be glad to help!