Rider Safety at Coos County Area Transportation District

When you choose to ride CCATD, our goal is to provide you with a safe, reliable ride where you want to go. We proactively do this by making a commitment to ensure a safe riding experience and environment for you, your family, and our employees.

​​At CCATD we want every customer to know and follow a few simple steps when using our services. Some of this information may be simple, common sense advice for being safe and staying safe, but one of these tips could possibly end up saving your life or the life of someone close to you.

Bus Safety

Never run after a bus or alongside a bus. Drivers may not be able to see you, and you could be putting yourself and others at serious risk by distracting the driver.

Look up and look around for safety. Be aware of what’s going on around you, especially when you are crossing the street. Make sure drivers see you, and always use crosswalks.

Do not cross in front of a bus at a bus stop. Wait until the bus leaves the stop and then cross carefully; always use crosswalks and remember to look up and around.

Please allow passengers to exit the bus before you board.

Take a seat quickly and ask the driver for extra time to sit if you need it.

When you are standing or sitting on the bus, hang on to the handrails in the event the bus makes a quick stop.

Stand behind the yellow line on the floor next to the driver. This helps give drivers as much visibility as possible and allows them to stay focused on the road.

Stay clear of the doors.

Keep the aisles clear.

Signal the bus driver at least one block before your stop so they have time to stop smoothly.

Hold onto the railing when exiting the bus. Bus steps, floors, and sidewalks can become slippery from rain.

As you leave the bus, watch for cars, bicycles, skateboarders, and other pedestrians.

Bike Safety

  • Always let the driver know when you are loading or unloading your bicycle from the bicycle rack.
  • Load and unload your bike from the curbside of the bus and maintain “eye contact” with the driver when you are in front of the bus. Bicyclists are responsible for securing and removing their bicycles from the racks.
  • Sit near the front of the bus and watch your bike. CCATD is not responsible for stolen bikes.

Mobility Device Safety

  • All CCATD buses are equipped with lifts or ramps.
  • Please alert the driver to deploy the lift.
  • Riders using mobility devices have designated areas reserved on each bus.
  • Please allow the driver to secure mobility devices.