Trip Planner Help

Our new Trip Planner is easy to use and harnesses the power of Google Maps to help you find the best way to get to your destination. If you need help navigating this tool, view the steps below or call Customer Service at 541-267-7111.

1. Enter your starting location in the “Starting Address” box. You can use an exact address or the name of a location like Nancy Devereaux Center. Intelligent search will find the address for you, or you’ll be able to choose between different locations with the same name later, ie. Fred Meyer South vs. Fred Meyer North.

​2. Enter the location you’d like to go to in the “Ending Address” box. Again, intelligent search will help you if you don’t have the exact address.

​3. Choose the correct button for whether you’d like to search by what time you want to leave (Depart at) or what time you’d like to arrive (Arrive by).

​4. Enter the time by typing numbers or using the arrow buttons to select the hour, minute, and AM/PM. You can either tap each field on a mobile phone or use the TAB key on a keyboard to move between fields.

​5. Enter the date you’d like to travel. The default will always be today’s date. Enter the numbers in the same way as the “Time” box, or click the down arrow to show a calendar and select the date.

6. Click the Get Directions button and you’ll be taken to Google Maps for your route options.

7. If there are multiple options for getting to your destination using different times or different bus routes, you’ll see those listed on the Google Maps page. Choose the best option from the list to see the details. If there is only one best option for your search, you’ll see the detailed steps for getting to your destination, including how far you’ll walk and which bus you’ll ride. 

​8. If you entered a location name without an address and Google suggested the wrong location, click the back arrow in the top left corner of the screen. You’ll be able to re-enter both your starting location and destination. As you enter the name, suggestions will appear to help you choose between multiple locations with the same name, ie. Fred Meyer South vs. Fred Meyer North.

9. If you want to see other trip options for later on that same day, click Schedule Explorer.

​If you have any additional questions, please contact Customer Service at 541-267-7111 and we’ll help you plan your trip!