Budget Committee

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee meets to review, discuss and make changes to the District’s proposed budget.

Every Budget Committee meeting has a public comment period. The public can provide oral or written testimony about the budget or proposed programs within the budget. A copy of the proposed budget is made available for inspection on our Public Meetings and Notices page and at South Coast Business Employment Corporation, 800 N Bayshore, Coos Bay, OR 97420.

The Budget Committee typically meets during the fourth quarter of the fiscal year at South Coast Business Employment Corporation. CCATD issues a public notice announcing the meeting times. After the Budget Committee makes its recommendations, the Board approves the budget after a public hearing.

The Budget Committee consists of the seven Board members and seven appointed volunteers who serve three-year terms. Members of the committee must be registered voters and live within Coos County.

​Everyone is welcome to attend a Budget Committee meeting.

Supporting Documents

Board members may be found on the Board of Directors page. Citizen members are listed below:

PositionNameTerm Expiration
1Garrett SherrillDecember 31, 2023
2Steve ZehlerDecember 31, 2023
3Abdoulaye DioneDecember 31, 2024
4December 31, 2024
5December 31, 2025
6December 31, 2025
7December 31, 2025