Go Coos VETS

All veterans can ride on a CCAT bus for free if their ride is related to Health and Wellness services.

Examples of Health/Wellness Services

  • Physical Wellness
  • Physical Therapy
  • Mental Well-Being
  • Hearing/Vision
  • Pharmacy
  • Dentistry… and more!

How do I get started?

Call 541-267-7111 between 8am – 5pm for assistance

  • Say you are a veteran requesting Health and Wellness Transit Services
  • Complete the enrollment form
  • submit a picture so we can issue an ID Card

Submit your enrollment form online or in person.

  • Submit the online form
  • Print a physical copy of the form
  • Hand it to a CCAT driver
  • Email it to: skellyirvin@coostransit.org
  • Or in person at:
    • 2810 Ocean Blvd SE
    • Coos Bay, OR 97420

Veteran’s Enrollment

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