Rules of the road to make a pleasant trip for all riders

We want your bus ride to be pleasant, so we provide a host of services for our riders to conveniently and safely travel on the bus.

Code of Conduct

Our goal is to provide a clean, safe, and comfortable environment in which to ride the bus, but we need your help. All riders are expected to follow the regulations outlined in our District Ordinances. The Ordinances describe the intended use of our facilities and inform the public of prohibited activities and behaviors.

For your safety

We ask that everyone use the crosswalks if marked. It is unsafe to walk through the bus lane. Please keep children away from the curbs where buses approach. Once the bus pulls away, it is unsafe for them to stop, so please do not run after a bus in motion. Riding a bike, skateboard, or scooter, as well as using roller skates are all prohibited on buses.

Respect for others

We want you to have a pleasant experience with CCATD. Show respect for others on the bus. Be courteous and considerate of others. Refrain from loud, harassing, or intimidating behavior. Obscenities and offensive language are prohibited. The use of portable devices is allowed, but earphones are required. Keep phone calls to a minimum and use a low voice on the bus. This will ensure an enjoyable ride for everyone.

No Loitering

To keep all transit shelters clear and easy for riders to move through, everyone must take the next scheduled bus that departs to their destination. Riders arriving at the transit stop or waiting to greet arriving riders must leave promptly after arrival of their bus. Riders are required to identify what bus they are waiting for if requested by a CCATD employee.

Freedom of Movement

Please do not obstruct the free movement of others. It is a violation to interfere with access to or from any transit stop or to interfere with the safe and efficient operation of the transit service.

Food and Beverages

For everyone’s safety and convenience, open containers of food or drink are not allowed on the bus. Drinks in a hard-sided, sealed container are acceptable. Unopened packages of food and drink items that will not spill if tipped are allowed. Please use trash receptacles on the bus and at the transit stops.


Please help us keep our buses clean. Trash cans are located on the buses.

Prohibited items

To ensure the safety of our riders, employees, and facilities, the following items are prohibited on CCATD property and buses: flammable, combustible, explosive and corrosive substances, controlled substances, and weapons.


Service animals are welcome on board CCATD buses.

If you have a safety or security concern, contact staff at 541-267-7111.